The QFC Regulatory Authority has chosen to target specific actions, which interrelated, will contribute to a positive impact on the environment. We also include concern for the environment in our business activities, as outlined below:

  • automating most of the procedures and moving toward a more paperless business environment; 

  • encouraging conservation of printed materials through the use of double-sided printing, the recycling of printer cartridges, and reminding staff of the environmental impact of printing via electronic reminders in email signatures and physical postings at aprinting facilities around the office

  • recycling IT equipment through National programmes in association with Qtel

  • recycling paper

  • using bio-degradable garbage bags

  • using an environmental awareness message in the shared spaces

  • purchasing energy saving lights and electronics

  • installing dual flush system in the toilets

  • encouraging hygiene but not water consumption: hand sanitizers are available in shared spaces


The QFC Regulatory Authority operates a secure and confidential office environment, shredding its confidential waste.  This shredded waste is processed and then recycled by a local company.  Further as part of the QFC Authority’s environmental programme, the QFC Regulatory Authority ports its waste at the source to facilitate the recycling of waster at a central location. 


The QFC Regulatory Authority encourages employees to have a healthy lifestyle and to collaborate with associations that support sports integrated in our daily life. On the occasion of the 1st National Sports Day the QFC Regulatory Authority participated in a race along the Corniche in partnership with the Qatar Central Bank and many financial services in the State.