The QFC Regulatory Authority also reaches out to local educational institutions participating in career fairs, providing expert guest lecturers, and mentoring in partnership with the Qatar Finance and Business Academy, Reach Out to Asia or Injaz.  Finally, the Regulatory Authority recognises that on occasion expertise is required from abroad, so it has supported Qatari national staff in post graduate studies abroad to build their expertise and contribute toward a sustainable financial services workforce in the State.      


The QFC Regulatory Authority encourages its employees to learn more about the local culture and our foreign visitors to discover Qatar and its heritage. This is partially accomplished through periodic training and awareness programmes focusing on cultural awareness, the history of Qatar and its people, Arabic language, and presentations on local traditions.

It is also The QFC Regulatory Authority’s responsibility to contribute to the “development of a just and caring society based on high moral standards, and capable of playing a significant role in the global partnership for development” (Second pillar). The Regulatory Authority operates to the highest of international standards with respect to corporate governance and professional behavior. Each employee signs a detailed Code of Conduct outlining the highest of professional standards and each manager is evaluated annually against a set of common “management principles” which amongst other trails focus on ethical behavior and respect to the individual.

The QFC Regulatory Authority also supports charities through donations during Ramadan and other charitable donations to organisations, such as the Red Crescent and partnerships with Reach Out to Asia.