Doha, Qatar, 26 March 2018:  The Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority (Regulatory Authority) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Qatar Postal Services Company (Qatar Post), during a signing ceremony held at the Regulatory Authority headquarters in Doha.

The MOU was signed by Mr Eisa Ahmed Abdulla, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director, Corporate Services, of the Regulatory Authority, and Mr Hamad Mohammed Al-Fahida, Chief Operating Officer of Qatar Post.

By entering into this MOU, the Regulatory Authority and Qatar Post have established a formal basis for cooperation on services that will benefit both organisations. Qatar Post will provide a comprehensive postal service to the Regulatory Authority including, but are not limited to, business delivery, Qatar Post Premium (delivery of event invitations and gifts), mailroom, digital mailroom and messenger requirements, and an international express courier service for documents and parcels.  

Mr Abdulla welcomed the signing of the MOU, saying:  “We are pleased to enter into this MOU with Qatar Post. In Qatar Post, the Regulatory Authority has found a dedicated solution for our many mail and delivery requirements, both locally and globally, allowing us to streamline our internal operations and work with greater efficiency.” 

Mr Hamad Al-Fahidah, emphasised the importance of the agreement due to the strategic significance of the financial sector in the country and added, “Qatar Post is pleased to provide a host of its services to the regulator of the financial sector and meet its demands for accuracy, privacy and speed. We will take all necessary measures at Qatar Post to ensure that this vital sector remains sustainable and competitive.”