Doha, Qatar, 19 December 2017 - The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC), one of the world’s fastest growing business and financial centres, yesterday celebrated the Qatar National Day (QND) by hosting an internal event for its entities.
The event came as part of the QFC’s efforts to further strengthen unity among its staff and community, through a series of national celebrations. It also served as an opportunity to showcase Qatar’s history and promote a cultural dialogue.
During the celebrations the QFC showcased several startups from Bedaya, an initiative aimed at empowering, supporting and guiding the youth of Qatar to launch their own businesses.
“This year, our Qatar National Day theme, promise of prosperity and glory couldn’t be timelier. It is a clear call to all of us, to stand together to face and conquer any and all challenges to ensure the continued rise and prosperity of our beloved Qatar,” QFC chief executive Yousuf Mohamed al-Jaida said.
These last six months have been the perfect example of how the country can overcome any barriers when it stands united in front of challenges, he added.
Faisal al-Sahouti, chief executive of the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre said: “QFC’s national day celebrations come at a time of immense national unity when we look back and take stock of the tremendous progress we have achieved both as an organisation and as a nation.”
Dr Mohamed al-Emadi, acting chief executive of the Qatar Finance and Business Academy, said it would continue to play leading role in human capital development by offering knowledge through our world-class programmes and courses, to provide the financial and banking sector with the necessary competencies for its progress and development.
“This year in particular, we also celebrate our strong solidarity with, and support for, Qatar. The strength, loyalty and patriotism demonstrated this year, in response to the tumult of the past months, has been inspiring and uplifting for all of us. Today we are united by our pride in Qatar and its leadership, and the fellowship we share is a testament to the values upon which Qatar was founded and thrives,” according to Michael Ryan, QFC Regulatory Authority chief executive.