Doha, Qatar, Sunday 21 July 2013:  The QFC Regulatory Authority today celebrated the completion of its annual Summer Internship Programme, and congratulated the three Qatari participants in the five-week programme.
CEO of the QFC Regulatory Authority, Mr Michael Ryan, congratulated Hessa Mohammed Al Thani, Abdulrahman Al Fayhani and Heitham Al Suwaidi for their dedication over the course of the internship. 
“The QFC Regulatory Authority has been delighted to host Abdulrahman, Hessa and Heitham at our offices, and we are grateful for their efforts and contribution during their time here.
“As a key aspect of our talent management strategy, the Summer Internship Programme offers real-life work experience here at the QFC Regulatory Authority. Everyone benefits from the two-way learning this programme promotes – it gives students the opportunity to learn about our operations, and it helps us show our commitment to helping Qatar shape the future of the State through its young people”, Mr Ryan said.
The Summer Internship Programme is designed to establish the foundation for a career in financial services, and provides an opportunity for high-achieving students to gain practical work experience within the QFC Regulatory Authority.
Practical work experience is supplemented with training programmes on financial services and related topics, in order to offer insight into the work of a regulator.
Heitham Al Suwaidi praised the programme for its combination of theory and practice.
“The presentations were very high quality and the highly qualified people giving them made complex subjects seem more accessible. I spent a lot of time in a classroom-like setting, learning new concepts that were being put to practical use by colleagues at the RA. This approach was interesting and innovative; a few hours after learning about something I was able to use the knowledge I had acquired in practice trying to solve the different tasks that were given to me,” said Mr Al Sowaidi.
The QFC Regulatory Authority is committed to recruiting and training Qatari nationals to help shape the future of the country, in line with the Human Development Pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030.
In addition to summer internships the QFC Regulatory Authority conducts an annual Graduate Fellowship Programme. This 12-month programme offers participants first-hand experience in a world-class regulatory organisation, under the guidance of personal mentors who are subject matter experts in financial regulation.